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Apprenticeships combine college learning with on-site experience to ensure the right balance of technical skills and practical experience.

M&S Building Services are keen supporters of the CITB Apprenticeship scheme and have been pleased to train a number of apprenticeships over the years. We are keen to encourage training in the necessary skills covering all aspects of the building industry and it is a very rewarding experience for all concerned. We have been involved with the CITB since 2006 and at the same time we enjoy an excellent relationship with local schools for work experience projects. Please contact M&S Building Services for all apprenticeship enquiries.

About CITB

CITB-ConstructionSkills provide the best practical support to make everything as simple as possible for apprenticeships and employers. We can help with costs, advice and assitance to make your experience a successful one by assigning one of our advisors.

Key Areas

Teamwork - taking on an apprentice can lead to a valuable and enthusiastic new addition to a workforce.

Productivity - an apprentice cna quickly become a real asset to a business, improving company productivity and competitiveness by enabling it to take on more work.

Training - Modern Apprenticeships offer a structured training programme for apprenticeships, combining college study with on the job training. CITB-ConstructionSkills provides a support for employers and their apprentice throughout the process to help them get the best from the training.

Telephone: 01843 232 234
Mobile: 07970 758 725

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M&S Building Services are always delighted to be involved in sponsoring Thanet based sporting and charity events. For this reason we ensure there is a suitable budget available for such occasions and we also encourage other local companies to become involved.

Events M&S Building Services have sponsored
Pro-Am Golf Tournaments, Horse Shows, Football 5 a Side Tournaments, Swimming Clubs, Rugby events and many others.

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